Middleburn RS7 X-Type Cranks

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Middleburn RS7-X Type cranks come complete with the axle, axle nuts and fittings and are for use in 68/73mm external bottom brackets. The weight of the RS7-X-175 cranks are approximately 547g including all fittings. The Q factor is approximately 182mm.

Available in lengths of 175mm 170mm 165mm 160mm and 155mm

The RS7 X type cranks are ideal for when you need a bit more clearance from your stays especially on Fat Bikes but also any modern MTB as well. They have the well respected profile of the RS7 SQ cranks but with the 24mm axle for fitting in HollowTech2 bottom brackets

Middleburn cranks were first developed in 1991 and since then have undergone many refinements. This is our latest mountain bike crank which is designed to work with external bottom brackets with a 24mm axle but also with push-fit type bottom brackets with the use of a different axle length. The design is the result of advanced 3D and stress modelling technique that ensures they are amongst the stiffest cranks on the market but also lightweight.

The cranks are hot forged from high quality 7075 T6 aluminium. They then go through a CNC machining process and are hand polished before being anodised and then re-machined with the Middleburn logo. All cranks go through the same procedure so whichever crank arm you choose will be to the highest quality.