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HKT Products bring you the latest product in their range, HKT Protect. After years of supplying and selling frame protection kits they have created a range of products that are perfect for looking after your bike. 

The XL Kits are literally packed with protection and include a large selection of pieces, ideal for covering all the rub spots on your bike. The extra width is perfect for fitting boxy sections of tubing common on carbon and E-Bikes. 

HKT Protection uses a carefully selected material that balances protection and malleability. HKT Protect kits are designed to fit even the most complex frame shapes whilst ensuring that your pride and joy are protected. 

Keeping an eye on our impact on the environment is core to everything HKT do, which is why we have spoken to our customers in the development of this range to work out what is actually needed, cutting out what isn't and making sure that all of our kits fit into the same compact plastic-free packaging.

You'll find everything you need to protect your frame in the HKT XXL kit. It is made up of 16 individual pieces that are designed to offer protection to all the key parts of your frame. Ideal for all kinds of frames from alloy through to carbon.

Now available in either a Gloss or Matte finish!