76 Projects


At 76 Projects we design and produce cycling products that have unique features and advantages. Products that solve issues that the mass market products do not address. We’re industrial designers with over 30 years experience between us, we also love cycling and bikes of all types, n+1 is an equation that is familiar to us!

Before we launch a product it undergoes rigorous testing by ourselves, podium bothering racers, daily commuters, and weekend warriors. The feedback from testing combined with our in-house 3D printers allow us to quickly refine, test and repeat until we have a product we’re happy with.

We use the most suitable material and production processes for the intended product use. Whether it is injection moulded plastic, laser sintered nylon, textiles, or CNC’d aluminium.

All of our products are designed in, and 90% of our components are made in the UK.

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