Welcome to is the UK’s first and only site dedicated to the brutally effective, yet incredibly simple Hardcore Hardtail Mountain Bike!

We believe that it is more important than ever to champion local British businesses and support skill, ingenuity, dedication and passion.

When researching the best of British we came across an article by that listed what they believed were the 15 best bike brands in Britain. Since then and with a great deal of further research plus a little help from our friends we’ve realised that Britain is literally crammed full of great manufacturers, artisans and creative geniuses that have created some of the best products in the world.

So far we have identified over 70 different UK brands that are involved with Mountain Biking in general or Hardcore Hardtails specifically! From world famous frame manufacturers, through award winning wheel builders, to companies that have created security locks you can actually wear. Many of you will have heard of some of these brands, but we doubt everyone will know them all! Consequently our goal is simple, we are not manufacturers, we're not events organisers, we're a group who wants to make it easier for people who love mountain biking to find the products and services they want quickly and easily and for for as many of those products as possible to be made right here in the UK.

We hope you'll find this site, useful, informative and fun and that it might become your primary resource for everything Hardcore Hardtail related! We look forward to seeing you out on the trails!


I wanted some new parts for my bike, so I spoke to the guys at and they gave me some great advice.

Price was good, really quick delivery, and awesome quality parts!

Highly recommended, great service 👍

Rich Holt

Thank you so much for these amazing cranks! Got them today and they exceed my expectations. The finishing and design are awesome and I can’t wait to put them on my bike. It feels good to support smaller manufacturers like Middleburn especially during the global crisis.

I greatly appreciate your excellent customer service and generosity to help a stranger out in the US. The UK bike community is lucky to have you and your business supporting their riders. 

Bernard Morris